LYRICS: A-Reece – Save Sa Hip Hop Ft. Sims, Just G ATM & FLVME

A-Reece – Save Sa Hip Hop Ft. Sims, Just G ATM & FLVME Lyrics downloadA-Reece Save Sa Hip Hop Download Lyrics

A-Reece Save Sa Hip Hop Lyrics Download. Take a look at this Lyrics delivered to you by this popular artist, A-Reece dubbed Save Sa Hip Hop. Featuring Sims, Just G ATM & FLVME.

Full Song Lyrics below:

Ayoh-ayoh, yoh
Ayoh-ayoh, yoh, yoh, you
Ayoh-ayoh, yoh
Ayoh-ayoh, yoh

Look, when I’m on that loud I don’t care much
Sobriety, no, we don’t understand such
Swazi on my side, I got it [?]
I swear one of these I’ma get hand cuffed
Quiet kid, I don’t say a lot
Unless I’m with my niggas in that hot box
Room looking like we thirty-thousand feet up
We the only niggas smoking all this weed up
At seventeen I didn’t like my pops
Wonder why my mom ain’t never kicked him out the house
She knew that he was wanted by the cops
That’s another thing that I ain’t trying to talk about
I didn’t know that he got other children
All this time I didn’t know a nigga got a sister
That’s why I’m rolling baseball bats
A lot of shit I wish I’d take it back

Young nigga but I done seen a lot of shit, yeah
Trust me I done seen a lotta shit
Like friends changing on me to feeling hella lonely
That’s why lately I just mind my fucking business
Always smoking on this sweet for my problems
Not to mention that I almost lost my mama
Not to mention that I lost all of my partners
Damn, all because of fucking commas, damn
All because of fucking money
Young nigga made it, now all of these badies on me
The problem about them is they’re damn fake
I’m too real, my circle smaller than a sand grain

Smoking on this loud tryna to give no fucks
While I’m smoking on this loud ’cause I don’t give a fuck
And I ain’t gonna take it slow
So higher and higher we go

Yeah, don’t stop on [?]
I’m taking it slow (I’m taking it slow)
All he knows (All he knows)
So higher we go (Higher and higher)

Yeah, don’t stop on [?] (Higher and higher)
I’m taking it slow (Higher and higher)
All he knows (Higher and higher)
So higher we go

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